CNC Production Machining — What You Need to Know

Broadly, CNC machining is a manufacturing process used in the production of high-precision metal and plastic parts. The process involves the use of computer numerical controls (CNC) to manufacture parts with extremely precise dimensions. Its precision makes it invaluable for countless industries, and modern CNC processes enable high speed and quick turnaround rates. Read on for all you need to know about CNC production machining.


What is CNC production machining?

CNC production machining, or simply “machining” as it’s known in the industry, is the process of using a computer-guided machines to manufacture highly precise components. The computerized programs that guide these instruments are known as computer numerical control programs, as previously mentioned, and are called this due to the way in which the machining instruments interpret their instructions.

CNC production machining is used to manufacture parts for many different industries: aerospace and defense; automotive; medical devices; transportation; energy; heavy equipment manufacturing and industrial automation. Some examples of common CNC production machined components include gears, bearings, and shafts; springs and wire forms; fabricated sheet metal parts such as brackets or housings that require tight tolerance manufacturing processes like milling or turning.

Why Are Tight Tolerances Important?

Summed up, the tighter the tolerance of a CNC machine, the more precise it can manufacture its products. The more complex, more integral a component is, the tighter a tolerance it demands — the tighter a machine’s tolerance, the better. It is also necessary to ensure that a part meets customer safety standards and will perform as expected when put into use.

Lights-Out Production — What Is It?

Lights-out production is a new, revolutionary innovation in the world of CNC machining. Before, CNC machines needed constant human supervision, and thus, parts could only be machined during work hours. Improvements in automation have allowed for lights-out, or after-hours, production to become possible — parts can be machined constantly, all throughout the night (hence, “lights out”) without any supervision necessary.

This cuts down on costs and turnaround times tremendously, as it drastically reduces per-part production time and the need for human intervention.

Lights-out operations are common in high-volume industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing where production lines need a continuous operation but cannot afford the additional cost of having operators present during every shift.

IN-X Machine is Your Choice for CNC Production Machining

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