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Product MachiningWhat is a Close Tolerance CNC Machine Shop?

Close tolerance CNC machining is crucial to ensure that your company’s products are correctly assembled and functioning with dimensional accuracy. Without close tolerance machining, companies often struggle to keep their parts within specific dimensional specifications.

A close tolerance CNC machine shop like In-X Machine is crucial for anyone seeking a close/tight tolerance shop to keep their parts and components consistent and precise. This article will describe everything about precision CNC machining and the benefits of In-X for all your CNC machining needs.

What Are Tolerances in CNC Machining?

Tolerances refer to the level of precision required for a certain component or part that your company wishes to manufacture. In the context of CNC machines, tolerance refers to the CNC machine shop’s ability to achieve a certain degree of dimensional accuracy when machining a part. In-X machines are highly accurate with some machines being able to produce parts to an accuracy of ± 0.001mm

A close tolerance CNC machine shop is responsible for maintaining the degree of precision necessary for manufacturing a part. The lower the tolerance, the less precision is necessary for your parts, and tolerance is determined by measuring numerical values during an inspection.

What Does In-X Machine Do?

In-X Machine is the perfect close or close tolerance CNC machine shop for companies looking to produce large volumes of parts or components at a close tolerance. Below are some of the capabilities of the In-X Machine shop and how it maintains extremely close tolerances when machining parts on a large scale.

CNC Production Machining

In-X Machine shop is essential for production machining as its experts help create precise prototypes to transition into the production process smoothly. This CNC machine shop reduces the labor involved in precision machining and can produce high-volume milling and turning projects.

CNC Milling Capabilities

In-X Machine has CNC mills to help companies create designs requiring multi-axis machining. The shop’s CNC mills handle various jobs, such as cutting flat surfaces and drilling or boring holes. In-X Machine offers advanced technology during the milling process to ensure top precision and speedy completion while having a 5-axis CNC process that can cut five angles without reprogramming.

The 5-axis milling machine outperforms three and 4-axis machines through its precision, efficiency, and flexibility. This machine can create specific products for the medical, energy, and military industries.

CNC Lathe Capabilities

In-X Machine shop offers lathe machine capabilities that can help with advanced, detailed projects at an efficient pace. These machines are essential to increased precision of your company’s parts with minimal deflection and vast designs, such as long parts with small diameters that maintain detail and precision.

Finishing Capabilities

In-X Machine finishes the CNC machining process with steps that keep your products consistent in look and function. The finishing process includes vibratory finishers and an abrasive media blast cabinet to ensure your product is finished correctly. In-X Machine is an essential CNC machine shop solution to guarantee that your parts are manufactured and inspected with the highest quality care.

Quote Your Project With In-X Machine

In-X Machine is a perfect close tolerance CNC machine shop for businesses seeking efficient, high-quality products with accuracy beyond the abilities of other shops. In-X Machine is a cost-effective option that follows a process of thorough planning, documentation, and analysis to ensure that your products are the best possible. Contact In-X Machine today to find out more and get a quote for our close tolerance CNC machine shop services.